Friday, 6 March 2015

Custom Onesies

I'm popping in here today to showcase some custom onesies I've just finished for some clients. I hope you enjoy them all and if your looking for something special and unique send me an email and we can design something for your little one. 

The below photos are birthday ones I've worked on 

Is your little one excited for the new Cinderella movie ? 
Would they love the tshirt below 

Cute name onesies 


How cute is this birth announcement. Can be used for babies photoshoot and then you can hang it in the nursery. 

Hope you enjoyed all of those. Again anything is possible any characters can be made. Send me an email or comment below if your interested. 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cat in the Hat 1st birthday party

Ok so let's move on to my son's 1st birthday party from this past October. It was a Cat in the Hat theme and to say I had a blast throwing this themed party would be an understatement ;) 

I truly love throwing parties for my 2 kiddos and that is why I decided to take my creative side to a business level. 

Okay onto the important stuff - pics of the details. 

This first picture was again made my my very amazing and patient hubby. It's was used as the backdrop for the cake/candy table. 

The next few pictures will be pretty self explanatory - and all phrases come from either titles or saying from Dr. Seuss books. 

All labels where made by me. 

Used some books as props. 

Here's a view of how the backdrop was used. 

I made these "sweet" green eggs and ham the morning of the party. I used pretzels as the base for the "ham" and white wafer chocolates for the "egg" and a green m&m for "egg" as well. Baked the chocolate on top of the pretzel for a few minutes in the oven and then place the green m&m on the egg white.  These were a huge hit at the party! 

The next few pictures show some glass jars that I customer made to fit in with the cat in the hate theme. 

Thank you jars I made for our guest to fill with treats to take home. And then the jar could be used for the kiddos as pencil holders or what ever else they would like :) 

Cotton candy on cupcake to look like thing 1 and thing 2 crazy hair :) 

A full view of main table

I didn't get a good picture of the loot bag table but they where all Dr. Seuss bags and also had a book for guest to sign for the birthday boy 

On each table had a little sign with a common phrase from a Dr. Seuss book 

I made an entrance sign to our party room. 

And finally a picture of the party hat I made for the birthday boy. 

Hope you enjoyed The Cat In the Hat party!! 

Email or message me if you are intrested in any further info on my party or designs. 


Friday, 20 February 2015

Picnic birthday party.

So my daughters birthday is in the summer  (which I love) so what better time to have a picnic birthday party at a park. 

We rented out a local park with shelter incase it rained with our city. And it sure turned out great no rain just sunny skies. 

Ok on to some details of her 3rd birthday party and lots of pics ;) 

Her invite I created. And we even had a surprise for our guest at 5 pm keep reading to find out what it was ;). 

The next few pictures will feature some of the decor and food spread we had. 
Custom built vintage box (made by my fantasic and patient hubby) for our cutlery. 

I purchased these blow up food pools that you could fill with ice to keep foods cool in hot weather and safe of course too. 

We served sandwiches and fruit because what else do you bring to a picnic ;) 

And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids. 

I used fake grass patches from dollarrama and grass balls to play into the picnic theme. Also used chalkboard signs in mini planters to label the food choices and condiments. 

I found a wood/branch type of napkin holder. 

Caterpillar grape skewers. 

Centerpieces were mason jars with lemon wedges and white and yellow  flowers and some orange and yellow flowers. 

Next up is the loot bags for th kids. I wanted them to have a picnic box feel so I printed a weave pattern on brown paper which I then glued to the front and back of the box. 

Then added some checkered ribbon with a label with child's name. 
Along with some ribbon on the handle; red for the girls and blue for the boys. 

For each family I always like to send them away with a little thank you. I usually try to stick with the theme I went with these picnic boxes I found which open up into a little placemat to have a picnic on. I wish I got a picture of them open because they are super cute. 

My daughters picnic cake 

We did have a face painter and she also did balloon animals for the kids. 

That is my little lady getting her face painted - as you can she in her red and white outfit to go with her theme. 

And finally our 5 o'clock surprise - I had an ice cream truck come to give all our guest a special treat on our hot picnic party!!   

Hope you enjoyed :) 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Wings for dinner

So I am doing another post on my Philips Air Fryer because I really love it that much and we do use it quite often. It offers my family healthy versions of food they already love. For last nights quick dinner we had wings (that's I washed and try to cut off as much excess skin as possible, for a healthier version) and some frozen potato wedges. Normally I cut fresh potato fries but was short on time. 

For the wings after they are washed and dried I just toss them with a little olive oil, salt, garlic powder and oregano. My four year old daughter is a picky eater so we keep things simple here and skip the homemade sauces. Although I have done them with homemade bbq sauce and they are just as delicious.  

After tossing them I place them in the airfryer basket and set it for 25 mins until they are golden and crispy. 
Now again the only downfall to my beloved machine is I can only cook about 15 at a time; so feeding a family of 4 took some cooking time. However I made the sacrifice and the wings were cooked ;) 

I told my husband this is why I need a second machine haha. 

After all the wings were cooked the fries went in next for about 25 mins as well. 

Another fantastic meal made by my Philips airfryer!! :) 

Friday, 6 February 2015

Cupcake Party

Today I am going to feature another birthday party - a Cupcake birthday! Who doesn't love cupcakes right :) 

Again lots of pics to come: 

The ivitation I made of the little cupcake baker ;) 


Front entrance to welcome guest. 

Hubby helped me with the next DIY project to create a little cupcake "shoppe"

This was the sign I made to hang under the canopy. 

Everything was cupcake theme. 

Even used cute cupcake liners in glass jars 

I created these cupcake liner balls with styrofoam balls, pins and liners to make cupcake toppers. 

And I made really large ones too. 

There's a purple on you can see back there too 

This next photo shows the birthday girls cupcake and also more liners in a large glass jar along with a letter "N" I did a little DIY to. 

Cover the wood letter with some pretty yarn to match the colour theme. 

The giant cupcake birthday cake. 

Cupcake theme banner I made. 

Create your own cupcake station for the littles ones. I had some plain cupcakes in containers with their names on them and an assortment of frosting sand toppings for them to make them. 

Birthday girl getting right in there - notice her cupcake theme party dess ;) 

They could also make little felt cupcakes that I cut all the shapes out for them even  red circles for the cherry on on top. I wish  I had a picture of a completed one; they were super cute! 

That's it for today hope you enjoyed it :)